Domestic Violence is a Universal Issue

Student: Jenny Castro

Mentor: Christine Henderson


Domestic violence is a universal issue that has detrimental effects on society. People who experience intimate partner violence are prone to long term effects, which include mental, social, and physical problems. Victims face everyday challenges and obstacles that may prevent them from working, keeping a stable income, and remaining safe in their environments. There are resources available to help victims of domestic violence, but the legislation still lacks the power to help prevent domestic violence.
Current legislation helps protect victims of stalking, violence, and sexual violence. Also, the legislation includes restraining and protection orders, domestic violence advocates, domestic violence courts in certain jurisdictions, sex offender registries, shelters, counseling, and non-profit organizations. Restraining orders work and can be useful in reducing fear and violence, and national sex offender registries allow the public to be aware of violent sexual offenders who live and work in their communities. At this time, the United States does not have a registry for violent offenders in domestic violence like the convicted sex offender registry. Protection and restraining orders are available anywhere in the country at the local courts and have been utilized, but they need to be enforced by law enforcement, especially when it comes to parental kidnapping of young children. This policy analysis provides alternatives to improving domestic violence, lobbying for registries for repeat violent offenders, and more preventable solutions to aid victims before their lives are at risk and in danger.


5 thoughts on “Domestic Violence is a Universal Issue”

  1. It was a great presentation. I am a little surprised that with the number of calls that DV gets, that there is not more that seek assistance for housing.

    Donna Hensley

    1. Thanks Donna. I am positive the numbers have gone up since we are 2020 now. I also think many people call the hotlines for information and to seek help, but many actually end up staying in their abusive relationships. There are also many victims who don’t seek help and we wont know the exact numbers since they are not included. I am glad you enjoyed the presentation.

  2. Very important facts were provide in this presentation. It is essential for more resources to be provide for people who are victims of domestic violence. A fact that stood out to me is that 20 people are abused ever minute, that definitely needs to go down.

  3. Hi Jenny! I really enjoyed your topic! My mom and sister are victims of domestic violence and I see how this has affected them daily. My mom and sister are survivors. I am glad you chose to discuss this issue as I feel like people do not talk about domestic violence or just brush it off as not important enough. Thank you for your presentation!

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