Development of Smart Water Bottle That Tracks fluid Intake From the Bottle

Student: Richard Braun

Mentor: Lad Holden


This project’s goal is to provide the smart water bottle user with a data input to help develop or maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have all heard that our bodies need 8 cups of water per day but this changes between different body types and how active you are during the day. With our busy lifestyles who has time to keep track of how much water we are intaking during the day? With this project I aimed at making the solution to this problem as easy as the act of just drinking the water. By constructing a 3D printed bottle lid that incorporates an ultrasonic sensor and oximeter, monitored by a microcontroller that transmits the sensor data via Bluetooth to a phone app, the water bottle will be able to measure the amount of fluid the user intakes and record that data to keep track of how many ounces were consumed during the day, week, and month. Also, by syncing with the app it is able to remind the user to drink in order to reach a chosen goal. The built-in oximeter also lets the user measure their heartrate whenever they want. The project demonstrates a proof of concept that has the potential to be developed into a viable product contributing to the physical and mental health of the user.


2 thoughts on “Development of Smart Water Bottle That Tracks fluid Intake From the Bottle”

  1. Inspired idea! Does the current design prevent water leakage through the sensor holes when the bottle is upside down? Have you posted this to any other online forums so that we can follow your future developments?

  2. This is absolutely amazing wish there was a video so that we could hear some of the testing that was involved in it.

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