CWU SWAP (Students With A Purpose) SWOT and Funding Analysis for Long Term Sustainability

Students: Laurel Portner, Rachel Retchless, Phoebe Ching Ting Lai

Mentor: Jamie Gilbert


CWU Students With A Purpose (SWAP) is a student lead club created with the intention of providing an outlet for meeting students with a strong passion for non-profit and social entrepreneurship work, making a difference, and collaborating with like-minded individuals by engaging in non-profit/social entrepreneurship related activities. The club has attracted members from disciplines across colleges on both the Ellensburg campus and in the CWU online programs, and while they have had a successful first year in terms of the opportunities and events they have provided their members, there is room for growth. For this project, we conducted a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) Analysis of the student club and the opportunities they have offered this far. Through this analysis, we identified where an increase of funds, via a potential grant, could benefit and enrich future opportunities and events that the club could offer for their current membership, future students, and community members. A projected budget was developed for each of these opportunities to demonstrate how potential funds could be utilized.


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