Coping Styles Among Adults When Experiencing Coplicated Grief Symptoms During Bereavement

Student: Gwendolyn Cavalier (School of Graduate Studies)

Mentor: Amy Claridge


Many studies exist examining the relationship between experience of death and grief symptoms, but there is still a need to study the relationship between complicated grief and coping styles. This study focused on the association among adults who experienced the death of a loved one within the last year. In total, 63 participants between 18 and 70 years old completed an online survey. The results of the correlation analysis revealed that there were weak positive associations between complicated grief and both mental disengagement and denial coping styles. These results indicate that participants who reported more symptoms of complicated grief also reported more mental disengagement and more denial during the period of bereavement.


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  1. Hello Gwen,
    Thank you for exploring such an interesting and important research question! I’m wondering what you would recommend to other researchers who might like to build on the findings of your project, or if you plan to continue this line of work, what direction do you see future research efforts heading?

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