Comparison of Faunal Assemblages Through Time at the Sanders Site (45KT315)

Student: Mackenzie Hughes (School of Graduate Studies)

Mentor: Patrick Lubinski


The Sanders Site (45KT315) is located adjacent to Johnson Creek on the Yakima Training Center (YTC) in southeast Washington. Excavations in 1978 and 1979, followed by subsequent analyses undertaken at the site over the past fifty years, have resulted in several unanswered research questions. This investigation assesses the faunal assemblage variability between the upper and lower levels of Unit 26 in Trench 1504 using NISP, taxonomic determinations when possible, and size classes. Previous researchers have used these methods to explore similar research questions within Trench 1504, however, Unit 26 has yet to be analyzed. In coordination with the seven radiocarbon dates currently possessed for the Sanders Site, further faunal analysis of the depositional components can reveal differences in resource extraction by the occupants of the Sanders Site over time.


1 thought on “Comparison of Faunal Assemblages Through Time at the Sanders Site (45KT315)”

  1. Really well organized and visually excellent poster!
    Consider using more active voice in methods so it’s clear what you did (vs. what previous researchers did). (Any acknowledgements needed?)

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