Collegiate Sport Cultures: Mental Health within Student-Athletes

Student: Jaida-Keleni Kafovalu

Mentor: Connie Robinson


Various collegiate sport cultures across the nation have created a stigma around mental health creating a toxic sports environment for interdependent and dependent sport teams. Hence, creating pressure on collegiate student-athletes while enduring high expectations of carrying the role of a full-time elite student-athlete, in which can result in emotional stressors, depression, anxiety and many risk factors that can become severe on an athletes mental and physical health as a college student. Throughout many different institutions, the development of mental health resources has grown but are not universal. While some institutions seem to lack resources for student-athletes, a unique population have turned to the media for motivation and influence from professional or other collegiate athletes in the same routine as them. The author presents finding balance in athletic success as a college student while providing effective mental health tools through social media and outreach as a resource for student-athletes mental health.


8 thoughts on “Collegiate Sport Cultures: Mental Health within Student-Athletes”

  1. Well done, very informative and confident presentation addressing an important issue on college campuses

  2. Allyson Rogan-Klyve

    Great project on a very important topic! Your example schedule really showed me an important perspective as a faculty member working with student athletes.

  3. Excellent work! You did a great job connecting the research to actions that can be taken to shift sports culture in favor of recognizing and supporting the need for mental health awareness for student-athletes.

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