Students: Joshua Franklin, Dustin Braun

Mentor: Charles Pringle


Every manual transmission vehicle has a shift lever for changing gears. The problem is that the shifting linkage is setup up for one kind of driving. Numerous vehicles have multiple settings for the suspension to adapt to varying driving scenarios (i.e. cruising, sport, track). No vehicle currently has an adjustable short throw shifter (ASTS) that can accommodate drag racing, drifting, sports car racing, rallying, off-roading, or casual driving. The design of the ASTS solves this problem by moving the central axis of rotation of the shifter up two inches, permitting the adjustment of the shifting throw between 20 and 40%. The swivel joint, at the central axis of rotation, is increased in size for the threaded sleeve to be press fit on the inside. Adjustments to the amount of throw are made from inside the vehicle because the threaded rod travels up and down the sleeve. For safety reasons the new shifter is also required to meet the same safety standards as the stock model shifter in the test vehicle, a 2005 Ford Mustang GT. The shifter must withstand a load of 50 lbs. with less than 0.5-inch deflection. Testing demonstrated it would support a 100 lbs. load with less than 0.5-inch deflection. The final design met all the requirements and performed with a throw reduction of 20-50% and providing an adjustability of throw within a tenth of an inch, thus allowing for max versatility and personalization from the customer.


5 thoughts on “Adjustable Short Throw Shifter (ASTS)”

    1. All the time you spent refining that shifter lever was well spent, Joshua. Nicely done you guys. Real high quality product. Just need to get it out there into the aftermarket parts business. Were you able to run it in your Mustang yet Dustin?


  1. You did a great job on the project. Was a lot of fun working with you on this. Hope we can work together again sometime.

    Yes Kelson, we did put it in the car, and it was sweet!

  2. Watching the videos both you and Dustin filmed show just how polished this project is. I wish I could have had a shifter like this in my truck! Seriously, great job guys.


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